sibo home delivery review: days 5 and 6

The final three days of Yardmill's SIBO Home Delivery service followed Remove and Restore Phase 2 from Dr. Nirala Jacobi's SIBO Bi-Phasic Diet Protocol. Some new foods can be introduced at this stage, like 24-hour yoghurt and aged cheese, along with increased quantities of other items.

day five - breakfast

Day five started off with a session at the gym, with Yardmill’s green smoothie waiting for me for breakfast. I loved it because it wasn’t overly sweet, and it was surprisingly filling. It was packed with greens and the hint of banana made for a thick smoothie that set me up for a great day. I’m a fan of breakfast smoothies when you’re on the go, as you get everything you need in an easy and portable serve.

Rebecca Coomes 6 Breakfast


day five - lunch

The good flavours kept on coming through at lunch time! A delicious, warm bowl of pumpkin and ginger soup was exactly what I needed on this blustery winter’s day. Pumpkin soup is one of my favourite meals, so I was excited to tuck into this for lunch and it definitely didn’t disappoint. The flavours combined so well into a creamy dish that was well seasoned and fresh. I enjoy meals that are seasonally appropriate, so this lunchtime dish fit right in with winter.


day five - dinner

I ended the day with a coconut crumbed schnitzel and raw zucchini spaghetti. It is definitely a contender for my favourite meal from Yardmill this week. The raw spaghetti was such a fresh contrast to the crumbed schnitzel. It was a really interesting dish that combined well into a meal. I would’ve preferred to have the option to heat the zucchini spaghetti because, as I’ve mentioned before, I tend to prefer warm meals in winter. Something about digging into a cold meal while bundled up doesn’t always appeal.


day six - breakfast

Like every other meal so far this week, I really enjoyed the rice pudding for breakfast. It was a simple way to start Day 6, but packed with flavour from the coconut and mixed berries. It’s important to be aware of how your body reacts to rice and what you can tolerate, especially for those of you in the early phases of your SIBO treatment. Everyone has different needs and it’s incredibly important to listen to your body and learn what they are.


day six - lunch

One issue I thought I would run into with a week of home delivery food was reheating certain foods. Sometimes reheated fish can be lacklustre in comparison to fresh cooked. This wasn’t the case with the pan-fried barramundi for today’s lunch. It still tasted fantastic and that, along with knowing you’re eating what your body needs, is well worth it.  The side of Vietnamese slaw was crunchy and added a fantastic texture with the barramundi and created a zesty and flavourful combination.


day six - dinner

As I mention in my vlog, I was so excited to have the barramundi for lunch that I mixed up the order of lunch and dinner. The grilled lamb for dinner (originally supposed to be for lunch) was sensational, and even though it was cooked a few days prior, it was still tender, succulent, and flavoursome. The roasted parsnip and green bean salad with roasted capsicum sauce was also a knockout. The whole meal was well-balanced and so filling. Day six was consistently delicious, and I can’t wait to see whatYardmill has in store for me tomorrow!


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