SIBO Holiday Cookbook by Rebecca Coomes

Don’t feel deprived this holiday season!  The SIBO Holiday eCookbook is bursting with SIBO-friendly appetisers, sides, desserts and sweet treats.  All recipes are based on the SIBO Bi-Phasic Diet by Dr Nirala Jacobi ND and clearly list what phase they are suitable for.

Enjoy sensational appetizers and entrées as a perfect way to start your festive day.  Vegetable side dishes will pair perfectly with any meats you roast.  Delicious desserts will seriously impress your guests.  Why not whip up some baked goods, perfect for gifts or a little treat.

All recipes are 100% gluten-free and soy-free.  There are dairy-free, grain-free, sugar-free, and low FODMAP options available. Recipes list AU and US measurements, temperatures and ingredient names.

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Look Inside The SIBO Holiday eCookbook

Smoked Salmon Blinis Web

Smoked salmon blinis

Carrot And Parsnip Gratin Web

Creamy carrot and parsnip gratin

White Christmas Slice Web

White Christmas slice

Chocolate Raspberry Slice Lores

Chocolate raspberry marshmallow slice

Mini Christmas Puddings With Custard Wed

Mini Christmas puddings with vanilla custard

Lentil Salad Red Cabbage Slaw Web

Lentil salad & Red cabbage slaw

Smoke Trout Bites With Lemon Aioli Web

Smoked trout bites with lemon aioli

Vanilla Panna Cotta Web

Vanilla panna cotta

Chocolate Mint Slice Web

Chocolate mint slice

Gingerbread Cookies Web

Gingerbread cookies

Coconut Prawns Watercress Salad Lores

Coconut crumbed prawns with a ruby grapefruit salad

Moist Orange Cake 283

Moist orange cake

SIBO Holiday Cookbook by Rebecca Coomes

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Enjoy the SIBO Holiday eCookbook today. 100% gluten-free SIBO friendly recipes. All recipes contain AU and US ingredient names, temperatures and measurements. Available immediately via email.

$19.95 AUDCheck Out

SIBO Holiday eCookbook Reviews

A million thanks to The Healthy Gut team for this inspiring collection of SIBO friendly recipes. I had been on the SIBO diet for two months and was really struggling to bring variety to my cooking. Too busy (and unwell) to be creative, I just kept falling back on the same safe recipes. And we can all agree how limiting and boring that can be! I was blown away by the coco-nutty-bites, they genuinely taste like truffles. After weeks of deprivation, discovering something so delicious, that was SIBO friendly, almost made me cry. I have been able to cook for my whole family from this recipe book, which is such a blessing because it’s difficult enough wrapping your head around the SIBO diet, without having to cook multiple meals! I would recommend this cookbook to anyone trying to treat SIBO, whether you’re new to the diet or have been on it for a while and need inspiration.

Cressida Blumson

In my years of treating SIBO, the most difficult commitment for my patients has been the SIBO diet. It is an intentionally restrictive diet to reduce the fermentation of food by bacteria in the small intestines. In addition to treatment, I designed this two-phased diet for people to follow for 3 months, but because it makes them feel so much better, people typically stay on it longer. Once treatment is completed, however, transitioning to a whole foods, varied diet is the goal. There are many resources for SIBO diets on the internet, but in my experience, most are far too lenient (or confusing) that can lead to SIBO relapses. I am so glad that Rebecca has written this book, and especially glad since she herself has overcome SIBO with the right treatment and diet protocol (as I recommend on What better person to write this book than someone who has experienced it herself. The phased diet tables are easy to understand and the recipes are delicious. I am thankful that SIBO sufferers will now have this valuable tool to help them navigate through the treatment towards the path of health.

Dr Nirala Jacobi ND, SIBO Test

11 thoughts on “SIBO Holiday Cookbook”

    1. Hi Carola, thank you for your message. There are 25 recipes (4 starters, 8 sides, 8 desserts and 5 baked goods).

    1. Hi Carola, thank you for your message. There are 25 recipes (4 starters, 8 sides, 8 desserts and 5 baked goods).

    1. Hi Mel
      Yes I do. When you add the SIBO Family Favourites or SIBO Summer Cookbooks to your cart, you will be given the opportunity to add your address. The postage will be calculated for you at this time.
      The SIBO Holiday Cookbook and my other electronic cookbooks are delivered via email as a PDF so there is no postage because they are not physical books.

  1. I am confused about some of the ingredients in your holiday cookbook. Chocolate and lemon are not allowed in a sibo diet. Pleaseexplain Esteban Hernandez

    1. Hi Esteban
      I follow the SIBO Bi Phasic Diet protocol which allows lemon in all phases and cacao from Phase 2.

  2. Hello…is it possible to use the easter18 offer on the US versions of the books sold through QuinTron?

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