sibo home delivery review: days 3 and 4

As I mentioned in the previous blog post, the first two days of Yardmill's SIBO Home Delivery service followed Reduce and Repair Phase 1, Restricted Diet from Dr. Nirala Jacobi's SIBO Bi-Phasic Diet Protocol. Now that we're on days 3 and 4, it follows the Semi Restricted Phase of the Bi-Phasic Diet. Some new foods are being introduced at this stage, like rice and quinoa, along with increased quantities of other items.

day three - breakfast

Today got off to a sweet start with a carrot cake smoothie from Yardmill’s home delivery service. It tasted just like carrot cake, and it was surprisingly filling too. This smoothie was very sweet, and too sweet for me by the end of it, but was an easy option for a morning that I spent on the go.

Watch my vlog as I taste test the carrot cake smoothie.


day three - lunch

Lunch was a delicious tomato and sumac seed salad with a lemon dressing. It was chock-full of tomatoes, radishes and sprouts, so there were plenty of healthy veggies in here. One thing I would add to this meal would be a serving of protein, because I wasn’t full for long on just salad alone.

For a delectable visual on the salad, watch here.


day three - dinner

Yardmill really delivered for dinner. It was an enormous serving of tomato-braised chicken thigh with a vegetable and olive ratatouille. It was so filling, that even half of it would have been enough for me. For those of you currently on a SIBO program, keep in mind that it’s best not to eat overly large meals. They tend to strain your already compromised digestive system.

My vlog has more on day four's dinner here.



day four - breakfast

Day four, and I’m just past the halfway point of my week with Yardmill. Today’s menu included spiced granola and almond milk, which you’ll remember from Day Two’s breakfast. The granola is just as crunchy and lightly spiced as before and the little bottle of milk is adorable, which almost helps perk up an otherwise chilly morning.

Rebecca Coomes Sibo Home delivery review Day 4 Breakfast 3

day four - lunch and dinner

By the time I got home from a busy day of running around in the city, I had to eat lunch and dinner together. The lunch, which was chicken consommé, was light and zesty. I added a little bit of salt to mine for some extra seasoning, but this is a personal preference. There were strong hints of ginger in it, which added a lot of depth to the dish. The smoked ocean trout with raw vegetable noodles and mixed herb was fresh, and the quality was fantastic. I don't think the consommé would have filled me up if I had just eaten it for lunch so I was glad I ate lunch and dinner together. Check out my vlog from this meal here.

Check back on Sunday for reviews from days five and six.

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