sibo home delivery review: days 7 and final thoughts

Today is the last day of my week with Yardmill's SIBO home delivery service, following the Remove and Restore Phase 2 from Dr. Nirala Jacobi's SIBO Bi-Phasic Diet Protocol.

day seven - breakfast

The healthy gut sibo home delivery review: days 7 and final thoughts Day 7 Breakfast

It got off to a great start with a parfait of passionfruit and coconut yogurt, layered with lychee, raspberries, and topped off with a lovely coconut crunch. The textures worked well together and it was a gorgeous looking dish. The flavours were delicious, and it was a great combination of flavours between the raspberries, lychee, and coconut. I was surprised at how full I was after this breakfast. When I first pulled it out of the fridge, I thought that I was going to be hungry afterwards. In fact, it kept me going for quite a few hours. It’s always going to be a great day when you’re satisfied all the way till lunch time.


day seven - lunch

Lunch consisted of Thai fish cakes paired with coconut rice and pickled cucumber. I truly adore Thai food, the flavours are always perfectly balanced between sweet, spicy, and sour. In short, I had high hopes for this dish. The flavours of the fish cakes were authentic and paired brilliantly with the coconut rice. It was filling and I loved the pickled cucumber. The coconut rice was sensational. It was, all in all, an absolutely brilliant dish.

The healthy gut sibo home delivery review: Day 7 Lunch 2

day seven - dinner

Yardmill really delivered with dinner on day seven. It was an outstanding moussaka that was rich, velvety, succulent, and absolutely delicious. It was a cold winter’s night, and it was just an absolute hit. The serving size was enormous, and as tempted as I was to eat the whole serve for dinner, I got to look forward to seconds the next day. Day seven went out on a high as my favorite day of the whole week. I loved every dish for every meal and now I’m even more sad that this week has to end!


final thoughts

It’s safe to say that I’m sad that my week with Yardmill’s SIBO home delivery service is over. It was such a pleasure testing out the meals, and having someone do all the cooking for me was marvellous. Since each meal was so different from the last I was always looking forward to what the next day had in store. I didn’t have the all-too-familiar sinking feeling at 5 o’clock of ‘what should I make tonight?’ The work was already done for me. I just had to take it out of the fridge, heat, and serve. The best part of it all was that I knew it would be good for my body. I could be satisfied, feel fantastic about what I was eating, and know I was staying within Dr. Nirala Jacobi’s SIBO Bi-Phasic SIBO diet.

Commencing SIBO treatment can be a challenging time. You have just been told you have too much bacteria living in your small intestine, and for a lot of people, all of their favourite foods have just gone off limits.  Using a service like this means you can remain compliant with your nutrition, while focussing on regaining your health.

While I shared minor points of feedback in previous posts, like adding more seasonally appropriate dishes, this week has been a complete success. Nothing tops the convenience of pre-prepared food, especially when you know it’s a safe and healthy choice for healing your gut. I look forward to having more meals from Yardmill in the future, and highly recommend the service to anyone treating their SIBO in the Melbourne area.



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