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All winter, The Healthy Gut team looks forward to the first signs of spring. Thinking of the longer days, warmer temperatures and extra sunshine brings a smile to everyone’s face. From farmer’s markets to leisurely walks along the beach, everything is better under the shimmering sunlight. Now we’ll have an extra hour to enjoy it!
Here are 5 things we’re looking forward to as the temperature heats up here in Australia;

Rebecca Coomes the healthy gut blog spring into a new season Summer Punch recipe

Enjoying more time outside
Nothing says spring time like savouring a pitcher of virgin mojito or summer punch al fresco with friends and family. Add in a vibrant seasonal meal, and you’ve got all the ingredients for making memories of a lovely day under the bluest sky. Being outside also provides a body-loving essential vitamin D boost, which helps fight disease and boosts your immune system.

Finding a new activity to enjoy in the outdoors
When the temperature heats up, it seems like nothing is off limits when it comes to things to do outside. From hiking, running, or yoga, to walks in the park, most things you enjoy can be done outdoors. This spring, challenge yourself to try a new activity that moves your body. You never know what you’ll end up loving.

Rebecca Coomes the healthy gut blog spring into a new season Tropical Beach

Peeling off winter layers
It’s time to put those heavy jackets and scarves into storage and pull out the lighter layers. It might not be summer weather yet, but nothing says spring like fewer layers and bright colours. Throw on your favourite sundress and head outside to enjoy the sunlight, fresh air, and have a picnic! The Thai-style marinated chicken drumsticks are perfect for a picnic in the sun.

Rebecca Coomes the healthy gut blog spring into a new season with Fresh Blueberries

Fresh, seasonal ingredients
Farmers' markets are the best places to get your weekly vegetable shopping done. You ensure you’re buying the lushest, freshest ingredients, which are typically picked this week, and connecting with the farmer and your community at the same time. This weekly ritual can set you up for healthy meals made with love from start to finish.
Spring cleaning
Throw open the windows for fresh air and sunshine. Spring almost feels like a whole new start to the year, and what better time to declutter physically and mentally? Get into the nooks and crannies, tidy up those drawers, and donate anything that doesn’t bring use or happiness to your home. Top it off with fresh-cut flowers and love your abode even more. -----

What are you looking forward to the most this spring and summer? Whatever it is, we’re sure you can find the perfect recipe to go with it in SIBO Summer Favourites.
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