road testing a sibo home delivery service

Rebecca Coomes Road Testing A Sibo Home Delivery Service

Good news! there is now a Sibo home delivery service of pre-prepared meals in Melbourne

Several weeks ago I was contacted by Tracey Sisson from Yardmill, who is the owner and founder of a paddock to plate cafe in Toorak, Melbourne who offer a SIBO home delivery service of pre-prepared meals.  Tracey invited me to her cafe to meet with her and tell me more about why she is so passionate about helping those of us with food intolerances and sensitive guts.

Yardmill cafe

Her cafe is cosy and reminds me of a farmstead setting.  She has done that on purpose, wanting all elements of her cafe to display a paddock to plate philosophy.  It is bursting with nutritious foods, the cabinets overflowing with items made on-site and clearly displayed with dietary guidelines.  They also have a fridge and pantry stocked full of take-home meals and items that are also made in-house by their team of chefs.

Tracey explained to me that she personally visited every supplier because she wanted to be 100% confident that they apply ethical farming practices, and that their food does in fact come from where they say it does.  She told me that if a supplier won't let her visit, she won't use them.  Tracey and I are aligned in this regard, and it was great seeing someone practicing what they preach when it comes to food quality.

An ex-corporate lawyer, Tracey's love for food lead her to give up her legal life and open the cafe.  After watching friends suffer from food intolerances and struggle to find good quality, safe food when eating out, she decided to open her own cafe.

Her rationalisation for making everything on site is that she knows exactly what has gone into the food.  For anyone with food intolerances, this is welcome news as the staff can provide information easily.

Sibo home delivery service

I believe in testing and trying out any product or service before recommending it to my community, so Tracey and I agreed for me to be a guinea pig for a week and to road test the SIBO home delivery service of pre-prepared meals.

I will blog and vlog my way through the week, sharing my thoughts on each meal as I eat it.  Eating for SIBO can be challenging at the best of times, so to know there is a SIBO-friendly home delivery service, which follows Dr. Nirala Jacobi's SIBO Bi-Phasic Diet will be a welcome find for many.

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