At The Healthy Gut, we love sharing information around gut health and regularly release videos that will help you on your journey to health.

sibo cooking show

Rebecca Coomes loves nothing more than hitting the kitchen and cooking up a storm. Join her every Wednesday for a new cooking video, where she shows you an easy SIBO-friendly recipe that you can make at home.

These recipes are perfect for anyone treating Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth, or people following a gluten free, dairy free, grain free, sugar free or Low FODMAP diet as Rebecca's recipes are suitable for these dietary requirements.


At The Healthy Gut, we're on a mission to find out everything we can about Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), gut health and how to live your best life.

We regularly interview medical practitioners and people involved in the health and wellness industry, to find out what's new and share information with you on what you can do today to not only regain your health, but live your life with happiness and purpose.  We know that knowledge is power, and that if we can help you on your journey to health, then we've achieved our purpose.

exercise & movement

We know that the way we move our bodies can change the way we feel. When you have been chronically ill for some time, exercise and movement may be the last thing you feel like doing.  Or perhaps, you're looking for some inspiration on how to exercise when you suffer from disordered digestion. We share our easy movement tips with you, and there is something for everyone.

messages from rebecca

Rebecca loves sharing personal messages and videos with you. She may have just come out of an interview with a specialist and share what she learnt, or be talking about how she changed her health. Join her today to learn more about her and see what she's up to today.

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