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Sometimes it’s just the little things that help us get through the day, especially when we’re striving to stay on track with our SIBO recovery. Shivan Sarna joins us as a guest blogger this week with her top 5 SIBO lifestyle tips. Shivan is not only a TV personality but also a SIBO survivor who, like Rebecca, wants to empower others by sharing her journey. Shivan is also the brains behind the SIBO SOS Online Summit that Rebecca is taking part in and runs from 24-28June. There will be a host of SIBO experts sharing their knowledge, read more about this invaluable resource here.

Shivan was also recently on The Healthy Gut Podcast talking about finding your own dream team to help you negotiate your way on your SIBO journey, listen here.

Shivan’s top 5 SIBO lifestyle tips

Like many SIBO patients, balancing my health with my busy schedule could get complicated. Throughout the years I’ve developed a few healthy habits that help me take care of myself, and my SIBO, every day.

1. Always—and I mean always—keep a bottle of water with you. There are lots of apps (Waterminder, Waterlogged, WaterTrakr) out there that can help you track your water consumption so you make sure you’re always hydrated.

2. Wherever I go I always have digestive enzymes on hand. Hydrogen chloride (HCL) is great for helping your body digest food. With SIBO, you never know when you’re going to need it!

3. Keep your prescription pills with you. Ladies, put them in your tote or handbag, gentlemen, throw them in your briefcase or backpack. That way you’ll never leave for work without your medications.

4. Make sure you have snacks! My personal favorite snack is pumpkin seeds. They keep me from getting hungry and going for things like candy or potato chips.

5. Individually wrapped hand wipes are your friend. Make sure they have no alcohol! I also use a lavender antibacterial spray I use on everything from a shopping cart to my steering wheel.

A Little Pep Talk About Your Social Life

When your diet is limited it can seem as if the only way your friends want to socialize is with food. invitations such as, “Let’s do lunch!”,  can give most SIBO patients anxiety. You think, “What will I order?’, ‘Will I seem weird?’, ’Will everyone ask me about my diet?’. Or even worse, you think, “What the heck? I can eat like a ‘normal’ person for one meal. It won’t hurt.” Except then it does hurt.  

Don’t let social anxiety about food get you down. In order to keep yourself healthy, you just need to do a little prep work. Find out what restaurant you’re going to and look up the menu online to find choices that will work for you. If it’s a party, bring a dish that you can eat that and that everyone else will enjoy. Everyone going to the coffee shop? See if they have a herbal tea infusion. And if they don’t? Grab your bottle of water and join the gang. Don’t let SIBO stop you from having fun.

Rebecca Coomes The Healthy Gut with Shivan Sarna on Creating your SIBO Dream TeamMeet Shivan Sarna

Shivan Sarna has suffered from SIBO her whole life and she’s determined to share everything she’s learned to help give others with SIBO answers and hope. Join her at theSIBO SOS™ Summit 24-28 June and learn the latest from more than 20 SIBO experts.

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