australia is falling in love with sibo-friendly recipes!

This week has been a very exciting one here at The Healthy Gut headquarters!  

Not one, but two, of our some of our favourite SIBO friendly recipes, were featured by Huffington Post Australia as perfect dessert ideas for the weekend. Sometimes it really is the more the merrier when it comes to dessert! We’re not biased, but we agree with HuffPost when they say our Pomegranate and Chocolate Tart will sway even the most die-hard chocolate lovers. If you’re after something less decadent and more fruity, they’ve also featured our Passionfruit Parfait. Coconut yoghurt, passionfruit, and nut crumble all in one... Is it the weekend yet?


We know that when you’re treating SIBO it can’t be all dessert all the time. Sometimes you want to go out with your friends and share a laugh over lunch together. If you’re in the Melbourne area, check out the feature from The Weekly Review on places Rebecca loves to eat at. From breakfast to dinner, she covers a range of SIBO-friendly places that are guaranteed to leave you satisfied, and that are willing to cater to your needs.


At The Healthy Gut, we know that proper gut health is on your daily agenda. Now Laurie Atlas at Queensland Prime Radio knows why! Rebecca had the chance to share her insights with Laurie on how SIBO affects your health, and what some of her favourite SIBO-friendly recipes are in her new cookbook.


Last, but certainly not least, Rebecca was interviewed on The Good Life with Ann Creber. They chatted about Rebecca’s story, how she discovered she had SIBO, and her new book, SIBO Family Favourites. Check out the interview, and see which recipes Ann was surprised to see!

Looks like the rest of your week is SIBO friendly and sorted!

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