SIBO Myths

Sibo Myths

SIBO Isn't A Real Condition

This statement is proclaimed all too often by ill-informed medical professionals who have not kept up to date with the latest research. SIBO has been studied at length and is a real thing. If your doctor doesn't believe in it, ask them to look at the work of Dr Mark Pimentel or Dr Allison Siebecker.

SIBO Will Be Gone After 1 Round Of Antibiotics

Sadly for the majority of people, SIBO is a complex condition and requires multiple rounds of treatment. There are some very fortunate people who feel vastly improved after a short round, but the majority of people need to spend some time healing their gut.

Cheating On Your Diet Will Cause A Relapse

If you recall above, I said that diet doesn't treat SIBO.  So unless you have gone and binged on McDonalds for every meal, of every day, for months on end, eating some carbs or dairy or sugar (of whatever the 'offending' food is) won't be the reason your SIBO has returned.  Instead, it will because the underlying cause wasn't addressed and is still allowing the bacteria to form in excessive numbers in the small intestine.  Until you fix the core root of why your small intestine isn't working properly, you will most likely continue to relapse.

SIBO Will Never Be Cleared

SIBO can be treated successfully and people can live wonderful lives without the burden of gut problems. However, someone who has had a compromised digestive system may need to be more careful than the average person to prevent bouts of food poisoning or infection, as they may be more prone to contracting these illnesses. Some people may never achieve 100% resolution of their symptoms but may get to 80%-90% improvement, which for many, is a wonderful place to be. Most of my clients come to accept their new normal is a bit different from their old normal, but now they are armed with the knowledge of what SIBO is and can listen to their body's signals, they are able to take action much quicker and prevent a full-blown relapse.  Even if they do relapse, they know what to do.

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