SIBO Coaching Program Registrations of Interest

Rebecca Coomes The Healthy Gut SIBO Coaching Program Registrations Of Interest

SIBO Coaching Program Registrations of Interest Now Open

I mentioned last week that I had some exciting news to share with you. I'm delighted to announce that I will soon be launching my brand new SIBO Coaching Program, with pre-registrations now open. There are many practitioners out there who, once you find the right one, can ensure that you are getting the right treatment. However, many of us need more than that as we can feel isolated and alone, struggling without support while living with this chronic and painful condition. It can feel like you'll never get the life you deserve and that's where I can help. My new SIBO Coaching Program is for people who are ready to move towards health and wellness and need support, advice and help to get there. I'm passionate about helping people just like you to have a recovery that is sustainable and enduring.


I know well the day to day realities of living with SIBO, spending time and energy worrying about what to eat, how to socialise on a restricted diet and whether to tell people about the problems you are facing. These were just a few of the issues that would cause me anxiety and I want to help ensure that you don't have to face these alone. As I moved through my SIBO journey, I realised that I needed more than just my prescribed herbs and restricted diet. I needed resources to help me with lifestyle and emotional support, and that is where I can support you. I started The Healthy Gut, the cookbooks, podcast, cooking videos and website, in order to create a rich resource of information about SIBO. To give a feeling of community, somewhere you can feel safe and supported and no longer alone.

In the SIBO Coaching Program I'll cover my five key pillars to health; awareness, nutrition, movement, mindset and lifestyle, because I truly believe that until we address these five key areas, that we can't regain true health and vitality. I will help you on our journey, working with you each week to aid your success. I only have a limited number of places on the program so that I can ensure that you get the best value and support from the team and I. So, to be fair to everybody, I have opened up pre-registrations so you can tell me if you are interested in the program. There is no commitment in signing up to let me know you might be interested. Once I have your registration, I will reach out to you and find out more about you, your journey so far and what support you might benefit from. I want to be sure that my SIBO Coaching Program is the right choice for you. I hope that you will be as excited as I am about working together and becoming part of a supportive community who are championing your success.

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  1. I am looking for a naturalpath doctor in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada who is knowledgeable
    about the Sibo Diet.

    Please forward me any information you may have.

    Thank You.

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