SIBO Starter Pack (US Edition)

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Start your journey back to health with this SIBO Starter Pack. Having SIBO can be stressful and challenging, especially when you have just been diagnosed and still trying to wrap your head around your new way of eating and lifestyle. That’s why Rebecca Coomes is offering this SIBO Starter Pack so you can get all the essential information and support you need to live well with SIBO.

You’ll get:

  • 2 SIBO Monthly Meal Plans
    • 4 weeks of meals planned for you
    • 50+ SIBO friendly recipes
    • All recipes based on the SIBO Bi Phasic Diet by Dr Nirala Jacobi
    • Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter meal plans so you eat right for your season
    • Weekly shopping lists so you know exactly what to buy
    • Receive a PDF via email immediately after purchase
  • 3 SIBO eCookbooks
    • SIBO Soups eCookbook
    • SIBO Family Favorites eCookbook
    • SIBO Summer eCookbook
  • 1-on-1 Coaching Session (1 hour)
    • A perfect supplement for anyone who would like some additional support
    • Get SIBO information and tips you can implement straight away
    • Recording so you can re-watch as many times as you want
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Meet Rebecca Coomes

About RebeccaRebecca Coomes spent most of her life feeling sick. Born two months premature, her immune system was compromised and she had developed multiple food intolerances and an autoimmune disease by her mid-20s and a genetic disorder by her mid-30s. She saw countless doctors who couldn’t explain what was wrong with her. They suggested she had IBS, with minimal guidance on a solution. At other times, she was told she was overanxious and just needed to calm down.  She was frustrated, depressed and angry that her life wasn’t going the way she had planned. After years of illness, Rebecca took matters into her own hands. She built a support team of health and wellness practitioners, starting with a Naturopath who was a gut specialist.  She diagnosed Rebecca with Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO).  Rebecca felt enormous relief that she finally had an answer as to why she had suffered from disordered digestion for so long. As she began treatment for SIBO, Rebecca realised she had to do more than just pop a few pills to kill off the excess bacteria.  To regain full health, she needed to overhaul her awareness, nutrition, movement, mindset and lifestyle. Rebecca developed a 5 step system that addressed each of these areas, and worked with her health and wellness team to achieve success.  Changing her thoughts, how she moved, what she ate, who she spent time with and how she listening to her body, whilst healing her gut, saw her transform her life. Today, Rebecca is the author of the world’s first SIBO cookbooks, SIBO Summer Cookbook and SIBO Family Favourites Cookbook, is the host of the SIBO Cooking Show. She is the host of The Healthy Gut Podcast.  Today, Rebecca Coomes supports SIBO patients through her 1:1 SIBO Coaching Sessions, working directly with people who have SIBO, taking them through her 5 step method to support their vision of achieving health and happiness. She regularly holds gut health workshops, is a speaker on gut health and SIBO, and guest contributor and blogger to health and wellness sites.

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    Nice Book

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