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Here at The Healthy Gut we are passionate about food. We talk about food, write about food, search for new and exciting ingredients, create new recipes, discover new places to eat… you get the picture. Food is our passion. When you receive your SIBO diagnosis, food, and shopping for food, can suddenly feel like a huge chore, and even be scary at times. We can take away any trepidation you might be feeling about shopping for SIBO friendly ingredients and instil some of our passion for food through our SIBO shopping tours.

Join Rebecca on a shopping tour to discover how to buy food that is SIBO friendly, what to look for in food, how to ask the right questions and why buying seasonal food is great for your health. Learn which brands are SIBO-friendly and what to look for on food labels. Rebecca’s passion for shopping for food is contagious, helping you to feel confident that you can shop with ease for your new diet protocol.

The tours will take place at the Prahran Market in Melbourne. Currently, these tours are only available in Melbourne, Australia. Please enquire if you are based elsewhere as Rebecca travels a great deal, and she may be able to accommodate tours in other cities from time to time.

Upon purchase, we will confirm your preferred date of the SIBO Shopping Tour via email.

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