Live Well with SIBO: 5-Week Challenge Program

$129.00 AUD

A 5-week challenge to heal your gut and help you achieve your health goals.

We’re so confident it will help you to live well with SIBO we guarantee satisfaction with a 14-day money back guarantee.

During the challenge, I will personally take you through a 5-week course, giving you all the tools you need to take control of your health and live well with SIBO.

Top benefits you’ll get from the 5 Week Challenge (5WC):

  • Access to the 5WC membership site with weekly content released on a Monday (Sunday if you’re in the US)
  • Access to the private 5WC members-only Facebook Group
  • A start of week email from Rebecca Coomes (Sunday if you’re in the US / Monday if you’re in Australia) with a summary of what we’ll be covering that week
  • An end of week live Q&A with Rebecca Coomes via Zoom where you’ll get real-time answers to your SIBO questions (Friday evening if you’re in the US, Saturday morning if you’re in Australia). Plus, it’s a great opportunity to recap on what we’ve covered that week and meet other members of the course
  • Bonus! Two live Q&A sessions with leading SIBO experts
  • Instant access to other SIBO materials, including the SIBO eCookBook Bundle that will be helpful in achieving optimal gut health. Valued at $65, you get this for free as a member of the 5 Week Challenge.


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