Hydrogen SIBO Treatment Masterclass

$49.00 AUD

Join SIBO Nutritionist Rebecca Coomes as she teaches you how to treat hydrogen-dominant SIBO. Get instant access to the webinar, slides, written transcription and a special bonus offer.

This Masterclass gives you specific, actionable strategies so you can learn how to treat hydrogen SIBO successfully.

In this 1-hour lesson, you will learn:

  • What a hydrogen SIBO breath test result looks like
  • Typical symptoms for hydrogen SIBO and what it means if you don’t experience them
  • Current best practices for hydrogen treatment protocols including antibiotics, herbal antimicrobials and the Elemental Diet
  • The role of diet in your hydrogen SIBO treatment protocol
  • How to determine average treatment times based on your SIBO breath test results
  • Plus Q&A time at the end


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