The Healthy Gut Podcast Episode 80

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The Healthy Gut Podcast Ep.80

Discussing SIBO Patient Lifestyle Challenges with Kristy Campbell

This week Rebecca is joined by one of The Healthy Gut Podcast listeners, Kristy Campbell. Kristy called into the Podcast with questions for Rebecca about managing SIBO lifestyle challenges and now joins her to discuss these. They talk about how to effectively communicate with others about SIBO, finding balance in your everyday life while dealing with a chronic condition, how to cope with the physical and mental ups and downs that SIBO can cause and much more.

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In Today's Episode

In Episode 80 of The Healthy Gut podcast, we discuss:

  • Why effective communication with those around us on how we are feeling is so important

  • Talking to people who aren’t familiar with SIBO

  • Creating a positive mindset around personal well being in spite of your SIBO numbers

  • Why adopting some supportive practices can help you feel more in tune with your own body

  • How important your Dream Team are in setting you up for a successful SIBO journey

  • Investing in your health

  • Managing day to day life while dealing with a chronic condition

  • Finding a balance between living your SIBO lifestyle and social situations

  • Strategies for eating out or at friends and families homes

  • Managing stress around food, from a weight loss and gain perspective

  • Navigating conversations with children around food choices when you are treating SIBO

  • Reintroducing foods in a mindful way allowing your body time to cope with new ingredients

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Resources mentioned in today's podcast

  • Adhesions and SIBO with Larry and Belinda Wurn

  • Visceral Mobilisation with Alyssa Tait

  • Real Life SIBO Patient Journey with Sharon Treadgold

  • SIBOtest questionnaire

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Episode transcript

R: Welcome to the Healthy Gut Podcast Kristy Campbell. It is great to have you on the show today

K: Thanks Rebecca. It is great to be here.

R: You are one of my many listeners and you have reached out to me when I announced that it was possible for people to come on the show and ask me questions live. You were one of the first people that put your hand up and said, “I would love to come on the show!”

So it is really great to have a real life healthy gut podcast listener with me today. You are a mum to a 5 and a 7 year old and you are in the process of switching careers from software into health, wellness, and nutrition and you have just completed a year studying holistic nutrition and you have SIBO yourself. So you know firsthand what it is like to be living with this condition. I would love for you to tell my other listeners a little about yourself and why you ended up coming on the show today to ask me a whole bunch of SIBO related questions.

K: Yes. Thanks for that opener. So as you mentioned I am actually changing careers for a really couple different reasons. One, my own health journey as I had SIBO and actually a pretty strong case of it. I was initially diagnosed in March of 2107. So last year. Just following a lot of symptoms, going to a lot of naturopaths and getting back to them a little bit. But basically when I first did the breath the test, my hydrogen peaked at 268. So it is a case that it was so high that my naturopath hasn’t seen it like that before and it sounds like maybe the top 1 percent or so of numbers that people get.

But before that I have a history of antibiotic usage. Within my childhood, I had a lot of ear infections. Following the birth of my first child in 2010 I ended up having a pelvic infection and secondarily my appendix was inflamed. So 3 weeks in to having my first baby I had to go and have my appendix removed. I had more antibiotics after that. So it was really after that I started to see a naturopath. I was having fatigue and brain fog and starting some digestive symptoms and then I was seeing someone here and there. She was having me on supplements. I started really working on the diet both for myself as well as now that I was a mother I wanted to make sure that my children were growing up healthy while starting with my 1st child.

In 2012, I then had my 2nd child and my 2nd child had issues actually. Some reflex when he was several months old and when he was starting solids and he is a little bit low weight so he was around the 3rd percentile of weights and so some issues that might stem from own issues. Yeah the naturopath helped a fair amount. I had some procedures like hydrotherapies done and nutrient infusions. And it just felt like I was feeling a little bit better here and there but then I had sort of nagging symptoms coming back.

So doing a lot of research on my own online, I got really into understanding some of the stuff that I’m really interested in it and I came across SIBO probably in 2016 and started talking to my naturopath at that point but she wasn’t very familiar with the condition and she sort of continued promoting some of her methods and she is really an expert in cleansing and detoxifications. So we continued kind of pushing from that angle which again as I mentioned was helping temporarily.

So I found a new naturopath where that clinic is aware of SIBO and I got the breath test and again that was a year and a half ago. And found out they did had SIBO. So I think that many people listening on this show, the initial moment was excitement and wow I finally know what is going on and I can finally sort of work on this and kind of nip this in the bud for good. But as many of you also probably have experienced what followed then was you know honing in the diet. So I went on the SIBO specific diet. For several months I went on several rounds of antimicrobials I then went on to rounds of Rifaximin and then I retested in August last year and I was down 68 hydrogen which was pretty much a celebration for me because it felt like such an improvement from the 268 that I ended up doing one more antimicrobials and I kind of decided to go into maintenance mode and take a prokinetic. But really 68 is still pretty severe SIBO.

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THGP Ep.80 Kristy Campbell

Connect with Kristy Campbell

Kristy is a mother of 2 young children in Ontario, Canada. She was diagnosed with SIBO in March 2017, however has been struggling with digestive issues since the birth of her daughter in 2010. Her corresponding wellness journey prompted her to initiate a career change from software product management to the holistic health space, and over the last year she has earned her Registered Holistic Nutritionist designation from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. While Kristy is not yet practicing within this space, she can found on Instagram (@foodiekmc) posting about her health journey and nutritious cooking adventures.

Connect with Kristy Campbell

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  1. Esther Friesen

    Hi Rebecca,
    Are you aware that this podcast is not available right now? It sounds like it could be very helpful. Could you check it out?
    Thank you.


    1. Rebecca Coomes

      Hi Esther
      Yes, thanks for letting me know. There’s an issue with the Acast player (where I host my podcast). Their tech team are onto it and hopefully we’ll have the episodes streaming via my website again soon. In the meantime, you can listen on Apple Podcasts or Acast – just search for ‘The Healthy Gut’.

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