Sibo Hot Cross Buns Recipe 786x1024

SIBO hot cross buns

Hot cross buns don't need to be off the menu this Easter with these delicious SIBO-friendly, gluten free hot cross buns. Suitable for Phase 2 Reintroduce on the SIBO Bi Phasic Diet.
Strawberry Chocolates Recipe 786x1024

Sugar free strawberry chocolate bites

Sugar free strawberry chocolate bites are a seriously amazing treat for anyone who loves the delicious combination of strawberries and chocolate. They're suitable for Phase 2 on the SIBO Bi Phasic Diet.
Choco Coco Nutty Bites

Choco-Coco-Nutty Bites

Sometimes you want a delicious treat that no one knows is SIBO-friendly. However it can be easy to overdo it, so keep these chocolate bites as a special treat and limit to one per serve.
Chocolate Piklets With Strawberry Coulis

Choc chip pikelets with berry coulis and coconut cream

Perfect as a breakfast, dessert of cheeky snack, these Choc Chip Pikelets are luscious with berry coulis drizzled over them and cool coconut cream.
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