Moist Orange Cake Recipe 786x1048

Moist orange cake

Looking for an impressive flourless moist orange cake for your next party, birthday or celebration? We've got you covered with this gluten-free SIBO dessert.
Chocolate Fudge Recipe 786x1048

Chocolate Fudge

This soft chocolate fudge makes the perfect sweet treat or gift for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Only containing 5 ingredients, it's super easy to make, yet tastes luxuriously rich and decadent. A perfect SIBO treat.
Flourless Orange And Yoghurt Cake 786x1048

Flourless Orange and Yoghurt Cake

Need a cake in a hurry? This simple yet delicious flourless orange yoghurt cake can be whipped up when friends drop in or is perfect for a mid-morning or afternoon treat. Add an extra dollop of 24-hour yoghurt on the side and serve with a lovely cup of tea.
Choc Chip Granola Bars Recipe 786x1048

Chocolate chip granola bars

Easy to whip up, these crunchy chocolate chip granola bars are a perfect snack on the go or a sweet mid-afternoon treat with a cup of tea.
Berry And Coconut Pancakes 786x1046

Pancakes with Berry Compote and Coconut Yoghurt

Luscious pancakes drizzled with a berry compote and creamy coconut yoghurt are the perfect meal for a lazy weekend brunch.
Yoghurt Recipe 786x1048

24 Hour Yoghurt

It's so easy to make your own 24-hour yoghurt at home. Use coconut milk or dairy milk (or another milk of your choice) to create a tangy, thin style yoghurt. Perfect in breakfasts, desserts or as a snack.
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