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Chocolate Mousse

Decadent Moccha Mousse

You would never know this creamy decadent mocha mousse was free from dairy, egg and refined sugar. It is so rich and fi lling that you only need a little to feel completely satisfied. With desserts like this, you won’t feel deprived on your SIBO diet.
Mojito Popsicles

Mojito popsicles

These refreshing popsicles will cool you down on the hottest summer’s day. Bursting with the zesty flavours of mint and lime, they are the perfect refreshing treat that is completely guilt free.
Chocolate Piklets With Strawberry Coulis

Choc chip pikelets with berry coulis and coconut cream

Perfect as a breakfast, dessert of cheeky snack, these Choc Chip Pikelets are luscious with berry coulis drizzled over them and cool coconut cream.
Strawberry And Vanilla Coconut Ice

Vanilla and strawberry coconut ice

Coconut ice was a childhood favourite of mine. The good news is that you can make it SIBO-friendly. It makes a fun dessert or sweet treat without the use of sugars.
Chocolate Bark

SIBO Chocolate Bark

Chocolate doesn’t have to be off the list with this SIBO-friendly chocolate bark. It is most definitely worth the effort! Once you have mastered this version, play around with different flavour combinations with different nuts, seeds and freeze-dried berries. Suitable for Phase 2 on the SIBO Bi Phasic Diet.
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