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Learn how to finally live well with SIBO

Imagine not feeling completely overwhelmed by your diagnosis and instead, living your best life because you finally have the tools to beat SIBO. Now you can!

When you sign up for my Living Well with SIBO Journey: 5-Week Challenge Program On-Demand, you get instant access to 5 weeks of invaluable SIBO content and expert insights all in one place. This on-demand course is the start of your journey back to health. 

And the great thing is, you can do it in your own time, at your own pace, and use it as many times as you want! 

What is the on-demand 5-Week Challenge?

  • A 5-week program to empower you and help you with your vision of achieving health and happiness.
  • A course you follow at your own pace as many times as you want.
  • 5-weeks of invaluable SIBO content and expert advice to guide you. All content is available on one single platform.
  • Access to my members-only Facebook Community where you can ask other SIBOers questions and find the support you need.

Start Your Journey to Living Well with SIBO with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee

Sign-up today for Instant access to my 5-Week Challenge Program On-Demand

Only $129 AUD

Meet your SIBO coach:
Rebecca Coomes

I’m Rebecca Coomes, author of the world’s first SIBO cookbooks, host of The Healthy Gut podcast and a SIBOer like you.

I have struggled with gut issues since I was a child and I know how isolating it can be to live with these painful and invisible issues. I have been to countless doctors over the years complaining about several digestive and bowel issues, but they never said what was really wrong with me. Luckily, I found a Naturopath who’s also a gut specialist. Along with her support, I realised that I needed to make some changes and my journey to health would take much more than popping a few pills. To regain my full health, I needed to overhaul my awareness, treatment, nutrition, mindset and lifestyle.

By developing a 5-step system that addressed each of these areas and working with a health and wellness team, I finally know how to live well with SIBO and beyond.

Through this 5-week journey, you will explore the 5 Key Pillars to Health that will also help you achieve optimal gut health.

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What do I get from the 5-Week Challenge?

  • Access to my members-only Facebook group. Go through the course with people just like you. Use it to ask questions and find support from the community
  • Mini-lessons delivered daily so you don’t feel overwhelmed
  • Weekly recorded live Q&As with me
  • Bonus videos with other SIBO experts 
  • Plus SIBO videos, podcasts, recipes, handouts and guides 

Start Your Journey to Living Well with SIBO with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee

Sign-up today for Instant access to my 5-Week Challenge Program On-Demand

Only $129 AUD

Thoughts from previous 5-week challenge members

Check Out How My 5-Week Challenge Has Helped Fellow SIBOers In their Health Journey

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“You have incredible knowledge and that's very helpful, but you also have the personality to go with it. I think you're doing a really good job in motivating people.”

Kathy signed up to The Healthy Gut 5-Week SIBO Challenge Program because it's the only program she found that had live weekly Q&A sessions with SIBO experts. She found a community to ask questions to and get the answers she was looking for.


"Rebecca, thank you so much. I am learning so much about SIBO and I’m feeling great. I had a setback on the weekend, very stressful, but now I am back on track."



"You have given me information today that no doctor has ever told me. Thank you for your wisdom and knowledge and guidance."



"Thanks so much for all your insight. I am always learning something new from you! Your attitude to life is inspiring, thank you for being you and being real and approachable. Who hasn't had doctors speak in another language before."


More thoughts from People living well with SIBO

Check out how my SIBO Coaching Sessions have helped fellow SIBOers in their health journey

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“Rebecca is a warm, knowledgeable and professional coach who guides me and my fellow SIBO sufferers on this confusing and difficult journey.”

Sharon signed up to the SIBO Coaching Program because she was looking for some extra support and guidance as she navigated her way through her SIBO treatment.

How can I be free from SIBO symptoms?

There are a lot of symptoms associated with SIBO and they can also change over time. But one thing is for sure, there are ways to help you relieve these painful gut symptoms.

SIBO diets for instance provide short-term relief of SIBO symptoms. Although they can’t cure SIBO, it can help calm your digestive symptoms and give you a reprieve from feeling sick.

Aside from SIBO diet, it’s also important to track your symptoms using a diary. It gives you the opportunity to write down everything you eat and drink, and track how you feel to see patterns with your symptoms.

Learn more how you can relieve SIBO symptoms in this on-demand 5-week SIBO challenge program.

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By joining my Living Well with SIBO Journey

You’ll also receive instant access to more than $500 AUD worth of useful SIBO content.

SIBO Resources

Bonus 1
Q&A with Naturopath Natalie Cruttenden

Learn more about the naturopathic approach to treating SIBO. Natalie has been a significant part of my journey of living well with SIBO and now she will also share with you important information on how you can heal your gut and reduce the excess bacteria living in your small intestine. 

Bonus 2
Q&A with Naturopath and Nutritionist Sandra Tenge

Sandra has worked in the area of health for 20 years. Her area of expertise is in the management of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Digestive Health symptoms. She specialises in food allergies, food intolerances and food sensitivities.

Bonus 3
10 Tips on Creating Awareness  

I will give you proven tips on how you can be more aware of your SIBO condition and get all the pieces of your healthcare puzzle together.

SIBO Handy Tools 

Bonus 1
Food and Mood Diary

Get free access to my 7-day Food and Mood Diary to help you track your symptoms. The Food and Mood Diary has helped thousands of SIBOers in tuning in to the signals their body is sending them and in measuring the improvements they make as they progress through their SIBO treatment.

Bonus 2
7-Day SIBO Meal Plan

Make your week easier with my 7-Day SIBO Meal Plan. It includes 20+ recipes with easy-to-follow instructions, plus a complete shopping list. You will also get handy hints and tips to make cooking easier and quicker for you.

SIBO-Friendly Recipes

Bonus 1
eCookbook Bundle

When joining the on-demand 5-week challenge program, you receive this exceptional eCookbook bundle. These delicious and SIBO-friendly recipes from my SIBO eCookbooks will help you improve your nutrition. The bundle includes my SIBO Soups eCookbook, SIBO Family Favourites eCookbook and SIBO Summer eCookbook. 

Bonus 2
SIBO Holiday eCookbook 

In Week 3 of my 5-Week Holiday Challenge program, you will receive an invitation to get your FREE copy of my Holiday eCookbook, full of delicious SIBO-friendly holiday recipes so you can enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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Why do I keep on relapsing?

Many people suffer from SIBO relapse. This is because understanding your gut really takes time.

It occurs in 66% of all SIBO patients and is often due to the underlying cause not being addressed properly. This can include the deficiency of the migrating motor complex (MMC) and anatomical or structural alteration affecting the small intestine.

When you have a SIBO relapse, you first need to identify the cause of the recurrence. Start changing your routine, treatment, lifestyle or diet one at a time. Getting everything back on track is how we get over the setbacks and quickly regain control. By learning about the 5 Key Pillars, you can also learn how you can prevent a SIBO recurrence or minimise the severity of the relapse.

The 5 Key Pillars to Health

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The first step to regaining your health is to become aware of how you are feeling. We’ll discuss how you can better understand your condition, why you have it and how you need to treat it is to succeed in your recovery. 

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There are a number of ways to treat SIBO. But how do you know which one is best for you? This 5-week challenge will include a walk-through of different treatment options so you can make more informed decisions when treating your SIBO. 

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Nutrition is vital to living a healthy gut life. With SIBO, the food you eat can help or hinder your progress. Learn how knowing what you eat and how you eat can help you in your recovery. 

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Being aware of your thoughts can help. When you have been unwell for some time, it can be very easy to fall into a negative mindset. Discover the ways on how you can turn negative thoughts into positive beliefs which will support you to achieve your wellness goals. 

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The way you live your life is fundamental to your recovery. Stress, sleep, relationships, social activities, relaxation and goal setting play an important role in how quickly you regain your health. Learn how changing your lifestyle and understanding how you move your body can help your recovery.

How does the 5-week challenge work?

5 Weeks Of Invaluable SIBO Content To Help You Start Your Journey Back To Health

Get access to my members-only Facebook group

This is the members-only group for participants of The Healthy Gut Living Well With SIBO: 5 Week Challenge. A group where you can connect with fellow SIBOers who know exactly what it's like to live with gut issues, as you progress through the program and learn how to live well with SIBO. 

Week 1 - Becoming aware of your SIBO

During week 1, I will help you take the first step towards your journey back to health - developing your awareness. You’ll learn more about your condition and what you need to do to repair your gut. 

  • Checklist and coaching program video for creating awareness
  • Learn how to use the Food and Mood Diary
  • SIBO resources to increase your knowledge about SIBO
  • Tips on how to manage anxiety

Week 2 - Treating SIBO

On week 2, you’ll discover the various SIBO treatments available. You will also learn the next steps you need to take to fully repair your gut and prevent relapse.

  • How to test for SIBO
  • The types of SIBO treatments
  • How these treatments differ from each other
  • SIBO testing and treatment recorded live Q&A with Naturopath Natalie Cruttenden
  • What you need to do to live well with SIBO
  • How to prevent relapse or minimise the severity of relapse

Week 3 - Improving your nutrition

On week 3, you will learn how food can make you feel great when you get the equation right. I will share with you information about SIBO diets and how you can expand your nutrition.

  • Understand the role of diets in your SIBO journey
  • Types of SIBO diet protocols
  • Importance of diversity in your nutrition
  • Recorded live Q&A with Naturopath and Nutritionist Sandra Tenge
  • How to manage food intolerances
  • Understand the seasonality of foods

Week 4 - Power of positive thinking

Week 4 tackles the importance of having the right mindset in transforming our health. You will learn how to manage your thought patterns and the benefits you’ll enjoy once you’re able to achieve this.

  • How you can change your internal dialogue from negative to positive thoughts
  • 5 exercises to help you feel good
  • How stress impacts your gut and how you can reduce it
  • How you can develop your mindfulness

Week 5 - Enhancing your movement and lifestyle

On week 5, you will learn about the right types of exercise for SIBO. You will also discover the significant role lifestyle plays in your recovery.

  • 7 reasons why you should move your body
  • How to exercise when you have SIBO
  • Watch my video about the three easy exercises to help reduce your bloating
  • Importance of sleep in the digestive healing process
  • How to deal with personal relationships and work when you have SIBO

Not sure what SIBO
treatment is right for me

Whether you’re currently undergoing treatment or about to start one, this 5-week challenge will help you get clarity on the right SIBO treatment that is most suitable for you.

You will learn:

- What SIBO treatments are available

- What you need to consider when going through treatment

- What you have to look into if you relapse regularly or quick after a round of treatment

The Healthy Gut - What SiBO treatment is right for me
The Healthy Gut - Rebecca Coomes

Getting back on track

After a lifetime of chronic illness, I was finally able to successfully transform my health. I decided to take control of my own well-being and worked with a dream team of health and wellness practitioners who helped me in my journey.

I know exactly what it feels like to want to feel well again and today, I want to help you in your vision of achieving health and happiness.

Now it's your turn!

Have questions about the program?

Don’t hesitate to reach out.

FAQ's - Before joining the on-demand 5-week-challenge

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