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Hands up who wants to help shape a supportive, nurturing and inspiring community, to support people with their SIBO journey? You do? Well this may be the perfect opportunity for you. Why not get involved with The Healthy Gut as a guest contributor? As we evolve and develop The Healthy Gut platform we want to make sure that we are providing the resources that you need, the recipes you want, answering the questions you want answered, and more. The Healthy Gut is on a constant journey of SIBO discovery and we want you to be part of that.

The Healthy Gut Podcast

Our podcast is one of our most important resources. It’s where you can find out about recent SIBO developments from some of the world’s leading experts. Is there a topic that you are longing to know more about, or someone that you think could be a good guest for Rebecca to interview? We get a great response from the experts that we approach, especially if they know that our community is asking for us to have them on. So if there is that person that you’ve always wanted to hear more from let us know by email.


When you first start your SIBO journey, you can go into information overload as you trawl through websites, forums and blogs. We want to make your education as simple as possible and answer all those questions in one place. We have covered some of the basics in our new FAQ section, but we know that you’re bound to have more specific topics that you’d like us to cover. This is your opportunity to not only help yourself but also to help others be armed with the information they need for their journey too. Get involved and let us know what you’d like us to cover by emailing us.


Are you a passionate cook with recipes that you’d like to share with The Healthy Gut community? If so we want you! Creating meals that delight can be challenging during SIBO treatment, so how about inspiring others with your ‘go to’ starter, main course or dessert? Alternatively, you may have a favourite ingredient or recipe that you would like us to make SIBO-friendly. If you’d like to know more about contributing a recipe or suggesting something for us to develop, please get in touch by email.

Guest contributions

We love to share experiences here at The Healthy Gut and we want to hear more about yours. Do you have a subject that you would like to share? Maybe you’ve tried a diet, a treatment or followed a wellness protocol that you feel others could benefit from. It could be that your own personal journey could be inspirational and useful to others. Our community is full of people with a vast array of knowledge. We often become our own ‘Private Investigator’ when we have SIBO, and sometimes the best person to ask for help is someone who has had the same experience. Could you reach out through your writing and help someone else to have a successful journey? If so we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch by email if you have an idea you’d like to share.

Want more family favourites recipes?

Rebecca Coomes author Sibo Fam Fav Ebook Cookbook

The SIBO Family Favourites eCookbook is crammed full of family-friendly meals that the whole family can enjoy together. All recipes are based on the SIBO Bi-Phasic diet by Dr Nirala Jacobi ND and clearly list what phase they are suitable for.

All recipes are 100% gluten-free and soy-free. There are dairy-free, grain-free, sugar-free and low FODMAP options available.

Order your copy today and choose between an eCookbook or a hard copy one to scribble in, like we do!

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4 thoughts on “Get involved with The Healthy Gut”

  1. This is wonderful that you are asking for contributions. I definitely would like to share my SIBO story, but it’s not over yet. One day soon though. Thank you for all that you do!

    1. Hi Abbey, we love sharing stories at all stages of the journey. Many people don’t get ‘cured’ from SIBO, so for them it’s about managing their condition rather than getting rid of it completely. Plus, for people who are starting out, they like to hear what it’s like once treatment is underway. If you ever change your mind and would like to share your ‘now’ story (and we can always do a future ‘SIBO is gone!’ story), let us know.

  2. It was by stumbling onto the Healthy Gut podcasts that I learned about the at home SIBO breath test that anyone can do. I was diagnosed with SIBO shortly after that and are now 6 weeks into my SIBO and gut healing journey working with a practitioner. If anyone reading this suffers from gut problems like IBS and heartburn, I strongly advise listening to the podcasts. Even if you don’t have SIBO, there is a wealth of information contained in those podcasts from leading practitioners both local and overseas related to gut health. There are also many other great podcasts available related to gut health. You will stumble onto them once you start looking into the Paleo diet. You will discover a lot of information on the testing that functional practitioners use to identify the root cause of gut issues, and also the protocols they use to heal. You will be motivated and learn how to become your own health investigator. I only learnt this though after several months of seeing my GP and a specialist, who either just don’t know enough about gut health or who don’t acknowledge conditions like SIBO. Ignoring my specialist and deciding to be my own health investigator has meant that I started my healing journey earlier than a lot of others, and for that I am grateful.

    I also bought the Healthy Gut cookbooks and found that they have made the restricted diet much more tolerable and even enjoyable. The recipes are super simple to make yet incredibly flavoursome and full of goodness. I have even cooked some of the recipes for my family and they have also loved them.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts on the podcast and cookbooks. It’s really great to hear they’re helping you during your SIBO journey.

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