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Lamb Skewers

Marinated lamb skewers with a greek salad

These lamb skewers are a family favourite and make for a quick yet tasty mid-week meal that everyone can enjoy.
Crustless Quiche Lorraine

Crustless Quiche Lorraine

I was in France recently and rediscovered my love for Quiche Lorraine. It is such a simple dish, yet is off-limits when treating SIBO due to the pastry, cream and gruyere cheese. With some simple modifications, you can still enjoy this tasty treat at any time of the day or night.
Smoked Salmon Tartare

Salmon Tartare

This SIBO-friendly dish works perfectly as a light lunch or appetizer and is a fun twist on the traditional beef tartare recipe.
Cinnamon And Vanilla Granola

Vanilla and cinnamon granola

There are some mornings when you want to pay homage to your past life and eat a bowl of cereal. Whilst nuts can be problematic for some, for others they can be a good way of increasing good quality fats in your diet. Due to the restrictions of the SIBO protocol, this granola is to be eaten in small portions and in moderation. Divide the mixture up once you have made it so you are not tempted to over eat it.
Berry Good Breakfast Bowl Recipe 786x1048

Berry good breakfast bowl

Some people prefer to eat their breakfast out of a bowl, and we love how pretty these breakfast bowls can look. Use your imagination to create different smoothies and granola flavours to create a tasty combination.
Trio Smoothies

Breakfast Smoothies

Sometimes you don’t feel like a large breakfast, so these three breakfast smoothies are lovely and refreshing on a warm summer’s morning.
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